Finding Success at Belmont

My Belmont Story

Miracle Awonuga

Meet Miracle Awonuga. With the support of her family and community, Miracle discovered how data could help her be a powerful force for good. In this video, Miracle shares what inspired her to switch her major to data science and how she plans to use her gifts of creativity, advocacy and connection to change the world. Get ready to be inspired and find out why data science is the major of the future!

My Belmont Story

Olivia Hobbs

Throughout high school, Olivia Hobbs found her passion in two seemingly unrelated fields: architecture and audio engineering. With her sights set on attending Belmont University, she chose to pursue audio engineering technology, unsure if her interest in architecture could ever overlap. It wasn’t until a unique opportunity—and facility—beautifully illustrated collaboration between the two disciplines and allowed her to combine them in a career-launching way.

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